Cross-Canada Canoeists Arrive in Inuvik

Pictured left to right: Annick, Julien, Jeremie, Frederick, Valerie, Martin

Six canoeists from the province of Quebec arrived in Inuvik this week at the conclusion of their epic cross country journey following the historic water route of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, the namesake of our great river.

Their trip began in ice on the Ottawa River in the springtime and for 6 months they have endured weather and water never giving up on their dream to travel by their own strength and courage across the watery pathways that first opened our nation. Concluding in Tssigehtchic, just shy of their Inuvik goal due to the ice on the east channel, they boarded wheeled transportation to arrive at their final destination.

Our Lady of Victory Parish has been honored to receive them and offer accommodations in the parish hall, a small token of generosity which the canoeists have said reflects the treatment they have received from good Canadians along their entire route. Upon their return they hope to use the experiences they have gleaned to inspire and encourage young people to aspire to greatness and to never give up on their dreams.

We wish them well and may God bless them and keep them.


One thought on “Cross-Canada Canoeists Arrive in Inuvik

  1. Miki

    Glad you offered to help them out with accommodation in Inuvik by offering the church hall. They were really thankful when I chatted with them.


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