Igloo Sessions Update

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to update you on the last month of work on the Igloo Sessions!  It has been a busy as we have invited three awesome guests into the igloo with some amazing results.  My sister, Ruth Drennan, TV Series “Supernatural” songwriter, Jason Manns and 2017 Juno Winner, Greyson Gritt.

igloo sessions

All in, we recorded and worked on 4 songs for the album together.  Ruth singing backup vocals on “Time to Live” and “Algonquin Sun”, Jason and I working and recording my parts for our Single release, “Spirits Soared” and doing some arrangement on “Fish Our of Water” with Greyson!

It’s been enlightening, enriching and memory making.  What fun!  Also, remember the T-shirt lyric you voted for?  Well, we are almost at the final draft of that image with Terry Pamplin.  working it…above photos credit to the Inuvik Drum.

Can’t wait to share with you some music!  down to work on getting more recorded.  Talk Soon!